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Pet Health and W​ellness Requirements

Wags' n Wiggles Resort is committed to ensuring that al of our guests have a safe and happy stay!  In our business this requires the assistance of all of families in ensuring that they bring their loved one to us with the needed vaccines and absent any conditions that could negatively impact our other guests.


We gladly accept special needs pets (handicapped, geriatric, etc.)! Since they will be needing some extra TLC, they must be non-aggressive and accepting of our help.​



  • Please make sure that all of the vaccines we require are current. Your loved ones will not be able to be boarded otherwise.

  • DOGS

    • ​Rabies, DHLPP, Bordetella (kennel cough) "L" Leptospirosis & Bordetella are not always standardly given by all vets. 


    • For dogs that are 6 months old and younger we require a negative fecal dated within 10 days of boarding. Example: Arriving May 5, fecal must be dated no sooner than April 25. (Try not to wait until the day before arrival before taking to the vet. Results may not get back in time.)

  • CATS

    • Rabies, Distemper, *Feline Leukemia (*Feline Leukemia is not always standardly given)​


  • In the event of sickness or emergency we will make every effort to use your veterinarian.

  • If the situation is extremely urgent, we may need to go to a closer vet.

  • Wags 'n Wiggles Resort reserves the right to charge extra for a transportation fee (minimum of $50 each way).

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